Dispelling Common Myths About Using Female Divorce Lawyers


It’s time to dispel some gender bias here once and for all: Female divorce lawyers are just as good as male divorce lawyers, and their personal lifestyles, personal romances and gender have nothing to do with their ability to handle the legalities of your case from start to finish. In fact, if a lawyer even questions gender bias during the initial consultation, they likely won’t take on your case.

But what about the family they may have at home, the loving husband, and their kids … would that not get in the way and cloud their judgement? Nope. As MS-JD explains, in an article that was focused on women divorce lawyers and other female law practitioners, “It is impossible to marry your career with family life.” Translation: Keep your career at the office and your family life at home.

The U.S Divorce Rate is Off the Charts

Don’t be confused by misleading statistics on divorce rates in the U.S. The reality is that at their peak, about 40% of all marriages ended in divorce in the U.S., and that was way back in the 1980s. Today, according to National Survey of Family Growth, females have a 68% chance of a marriage lasting while men have a 70% chance. But for the roughly 30-32% of people who will see their marriage hit the rocks, the gender of the lawyer that they choose is not relevant. What is relevant is that they choose a qualified family lawyer that has experience, namely with the specific aspects of their case.

The Two Types of Divorce Cases

Bear in mind there are two inherent types of divorce cases: Settled cases and contested cases. Regarding settled cases, these are generally straightforward and require few actions from either party because their lawyers represent them and handle most of the legwork. In the event of contested cases, this is where things can get messy. Add children and custody into the mix, and they become befuddled. Complicate things further with prenuptial or post nuptial agreements, and you have the makings for a doomy, gloomy day in court where two parties simply are unable to agree and have spite for one another. In enters their lawyer, and gender matters little. The capability of the lawyer is all that matters.

Tips on Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right family lawyer is not as difficult as you may think. You’ll want to take your time finding a few law firms and researching the lawyers and their areas of practice. If your divorce case is likely to get messy, you’ll want an experienced lawyer to represent you that can fight for your side of the story. If children are involved, you’ll want to find a lawyer that has a track record of success in custody disputes. With most lawyers offering complimentary consultations and posting their track records online freely these days, it’s really a matter of research and time spent conducting your due diligence to find the right one for your case.