What to Know About DUI In California


Many myths and urban legends circulate about DUI crimes in California. Some stories are shared among friends and family over the years and, unfortunately, some people buy into them without asking questions.

This may lead to an unfortunate circumstance or unnecessary confusion if an individual is arrested for DUI in California. We encourage clients to obtain answers directly from a DUI lawyer Hayward. That way, the defendant has a clear understanding of the laws and more information about what you’re dealing with.

Our attorneys have heard some of the following from clients concerning California DUI crimes:

  1. False: Eating food, drinking more water, or waiting for at least an hour after consuming an alcoholic beverage will lower your blood alcohol content (BAC). Eating food while drinking an alcoholic beverage can help the driver feel more sober by combating some of its narcotic effects. Unfortunately, doing so does nothing to lower an individual’s BAC. Each person’s metabolism differs, but the best way to lower BAC is to simply wait it out for more than an hour. Scientific studies show that most peoples’ highest BAC spike occurs about 60 minutes after he or she consumes the last alcoholic beverage as his or her body does its best to clear the alcohol from the bloodstream. Waiting until the driver “feels sober” is never a reliable course to avoiding a DUI. If necessary, the driver should get a cab, hire a car service, or get a hotel room to avoid DUI arrest.
  2. False: Using a breath spray can help to lower the driver’s BAC level. Of course, this isn’t true. Using a breath spray won’t lower the driver’s BAC. In actuality, the opposite may be true. Since many pocket breath sprays contain trace amounts of alcohol or other chemically active ingredients, using a breath spray can aggravate BAC levels instead of lowering it. In addition, many law enforcement professionals are likely to suspect something’s amiss if he or she can detect the driver used a breath spray after getting pulled over. For that reason, using a breath spray can complicate an already problematic situation.
  3. False: Putting coins or other metals in the driver’s mouth will beat a breathalyzer device. Some drivers have heard this myth and use it. However, there’s no merit to the practice. The presence of alcohol and metal won’t change how the breathalyzer device works. What’s more, the officer will demand that the driver remove anything from his or her mouth before submitting to the breathalyzer test.
  4. False: It’s okay to refuse to cooperate with the police officer when pulled over for suspected drunk driving. This myth is definitely untrue. You should be polite and cooperative if you’re pulled over. Do everything possible to avoid antagonizing the officer. Act civil and provide the police officer with your license and registration. Don’t raise his or her suspicion. If you’re arrested on a DUI charge, contact an experienced California DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Take a moment to contact a Southern California DUI law firm to get the truth. Although many common myths abound concerning drunk driving, it’s important to have the facts. Reach out to a knowledgeable DUI attorney if you or someone you care about is facing a criminal DUI charge. An experienced California DUI lawyer will help you combat the charge.

Don’t drink and drive. This is the only completely effective way to avoid a drunk driving charge. However, if you find yourself facing a DUI charge, don’t waste a moment. Contact a DUI defense attorney to learn more about protecting your legal rights. The sooner you contact an experienced California DUI attorney, the sooner we can help you beat seek an appropriate resolution.