How To Get Security And Stability For Your Foreign Workers

How To Get Security And Stability For Your Foreign Workers

Immigration continues to be one of the hottest topics in the country. Controversy still rages over it. The only action taken to date has been against illegal immigration. Laws regarding formal paths to immigration remain unchanged—for now.

If you are a company that relies on the talent of foreign workers to stay ahead, you should be proactive in filing for the visas you need.

The Possibility Of Change

As was demonstrated earlier this year, the status of legal immigration from certain countries can be suddenly and unexpectedly put into jeopardy. Even if the courts block such action, it can cause enormous worry and consternation amongst the people you need to hire. Your best move is to get your employees visas that provide a more permanent and stable situation for them and their families.

There are a range of H visas that help companies such as yours recruit talent from overseas. Here is just a sample of visas that can be obtained for foreign workers:

-H-1B Visa for Software Industry Jobs
-H-1B Visa for Marketing Professionals
-H-1B Visa for Electrical Engineers and other Engineers
-H-1B Visa for Financial Business Analytics
-H-1B Visa for SAP, Oracle, and other Software Application Programmers

Doing Business in the 21st Century

Not everyone understands the realities of doing business in the 21st century. You do. To competitive in your industry it is necessary to extend your recruiting efforts to a worldwide talent pool. The best and freshest minds, the most forward-looking and innovative thinkers, the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals are the ones you want working for your company. In a free and open economy, it is your right to recruit such persons.

At the moment, most lawmakers seem to agree with this proposition. And it is important to press the advantage while you have it. If you are having problems getting visas for your people, then you should contact a lawyer such as the kind found at The Shapiro Law Group.

The Advantages Of Working With An Immigration Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer will help you expedite the process of getting the paperwork through. Visa delays and denials can come down to many things besides non-qualification. Visa applications are not always clear and straightforward. The individuals who filled them out may have made a small error. Or there may have been a misunderstanding on the part of those reviewing the application.

The great thing about working with an immigration lawyer is that they understand the inner working and the language of the bureaucrats. They can speak directly to them and get results faster than you can.

No one who depends heavily on foreign talent has the luxury of temporary resident permits for their employees. Given the uncertain and tumultuous times we live in, it is important to secure residence of more permanence and durability. This is best done by working with a lawyer with specialized knowledge in immigration law. Such a professional can help you get the outcome you need.