What to do if You Get Injured At Work

What to do if You Get Injured At Work

Regardless of whether you work in a dangerous environment or not, accidents in the work place can, and do, happen. The most common form of accident is slips and trips which can occur in any line of work and you need to ensure that you understand exactly what to do if you or one of your co-workers is involved in an accident at work which results in an injury.

Report It

The very first step that you need to take after having an accident in the workplace is to report it. This is best done straight away as all of the information will be fresh in your mind, if you have suffered an injury which requires that you go to hospital then you should report the accident as soon as you can. Employment law says that all places of work must have an accident book so you need to speak with human resources in order to fill out your report. When filing the report it is vital that you include all information possible about what happened and what was involved.

Speak to Witnesses

If anyone witnessed what happened when the accident took place then you should speak with them and ask them to fill out a report to concur with your own. Witnesses are vitally important as it is possible that they saw more of what happened than you did and they can help to fill out the complete story of how you got injured. Equally, you can speak to your employer to find out if there were any cameras that recorded what happened. If a camera was recording at the time then this is the perfect way to see exactly what was the cause of your accident.

Seek Medical Help

If you are not hospitalized as a result of your accident then you should still go and see a doctor to be checked over. Some injuries may not be evident straight away and especially in the case of slips and trips, injuries like whiplash can take some days to appear. Make sure that you get a note from the doctor detailing any injuries which you have sustained.

Call a Lawyer

Getting legal help is imperative if you have had an accident at work as if it was not your fault, you will be entitled to compensation. Making a claim against your employers is not just about receiving a pay out, it is also to bring their attention to something so that future accidents like yours can be avoided. There are lawyers all over the country who are specialists in dealing with these kind of situations even here in West Palm beach personal injury lawyers are on hand to deal with any kind of personal injury, including accidents in the workplace.

Getting injured at work can be, above all, extremely frustrating but it is important that you keep your head and follow the correct steps in order to avoid it happening again.