Dangers of Staying At Home During a Home Renovation

Dangers of Staying At Home During a Home Renovation

Year on year more people here in North Carolina are opting to renovate their home in order to add more space as opposed to moving property entirely.  This trend is the result of a combination of a volatile property market as well as many people who simply want to stay in the home that they have chosen, albeit with added space.

If this is something which you are going through or planning at the moment then you will have the choice of staying at home whilst the work is taking place or temporarily moving out. There are benefits and disadvantages to both staying and leaving but if you do decide to stay, there are some dangers which you’ll need to be aware of, we had a chat with some Charlotte construction accident lawyers to find out just what you need to watch out for.

Open Electrics

During the renovation of your home it is likely that there will be new electrical outlets being put in place as well as walls being opened up. This can lead to electrical cables being exposed and whilst the power should be turned off whilst work is being undertaken, there may be times when you need the electric on and you should avoid any open cables.

Tools on the Floor

Whilst construction workers should tidy up after themselves, there is no guarantee of this happening and you need to be aware of any potential tools which have been left behind. There is a huge amount of tools which workers use that can be very dangerous to you and you will need to ensure that you not only check the floor but also that you are wearing solid shoes.

Dust and Debris

Both dust and debris can cause problems whilst work is being completed in your property and you must take precautions to avoid an accident. Debris can be found throughout the property and for this reason you should always wear shoes inside the house. Dust particles can be easily inhaled and cause breathing issues and coughs so make sure that you close doors and open windows whilst work is being completed.

Unstable Flooring

It is best that you don’t enter any area where there is work that is in the process of being completed as you can never know how stable the flooring is. Construction workers will complete a project in various parts and they will know which area is stable enough to stand on and which is not. If the workers have gone home for the day then avoid the site entirely.

Much of staying safe when work is being completed is about being vigilant and staying away from the construction site. Make sure that you speak regularly with the person who is leading the project about safety concerns and risk assessments in order to avoid any potential accidents that could take place.